Norwich, England: The Historic and the Hip

When my friend told me he was leaving New York City for the much smaller city of Norwich, England to take over his dad’s fish & chips shop, I couldn’t imagine why. Wouldn’t he get bored?

A Lemon Festival on the French Riviera

Each February the city of Menton, on the French Riviera, rejoices with festivities that can baffle even the most consummate of travelers as well as its own inhabitants.

Things to Love About the Luberon

The Luberon area of Provence is known for its hilltop towns, lavender fields and its colorful bounty–purple aubergine, scarlet tomatoes, and the orange-fleshed Cavaillon melon that is famous all over France.

Enchanted by Ischia

Ischia Boat View

My dream, influenced by the movie “Enchanted April” (1992), was to return to Italy during the month of April and experience the sunshine, the wisteria bloom, the deep blue sea and the passionate Italian way of life.

Cruising Norway in the Footsteps of Vikings

Nothing says Norway like massive glaciers, deep and winding fjords, and, of course, Vikings—those fearsome seafaring warriors who once terrorized inhabitants of the North Atlantic. Less well known, perhaps, is that Vikings were also explorers.

Trip Down the Danube River

Some people look at the world through rose colored glasses. Johann Straus may have been looking at the Danube River through sepia toned lenses.