Historic Christmas Markets in Dresden, Germany

Dresden, Germany takes its holiday spirit very seriously. No wonder, it has what is called the oldest Christmas Market in the world with the “Striezelmarket” dating back to the 1400s. If you want to enjoy the Christmas spirit in Europe, then Dresden should be at the top of your list.

Winter Is Coming: Game Of Thrones Iceland Locations

“Winter is coming. We know what’s coming with it.”  Jon Snow, Game of Thrones Snow transforms Iceland’s landscapes, and not just in the winter months. Even in the shoulder seasons of Spring and Fall, you can experience snow in the North. In fact, on a recent mid-October counterclockwise road trip around Iceland, we were grounded […]

Christmas in the City of Lights

Night time in Paris, France, with a lit Christmas tree in the foreground.

Paris is a most magical place. There are always new sights. There are always stories. On this trip, we were with friends with small children, and we had only a few hours left in which to capture and consume some of that magic. Time to get moving. On the early December afternoon we had together, […]

Christmas Crafts from the Village of Lauscha

The age-old art of handmade, glass-blown, and paper mache Christmas ornaments lives on in the village of Lauscha, in Germany’s ancient Thuringian Forest. One of my favorite Christmas memories as a child was unspooling the tissue paper-wrapped silvered Christmas ornaments compartmentalized in cardboard boxes. The entire sensory experience still stirs my soul, starting with the […]

Immersing in Idyllic Rural France on a Luxury Barge with European Waterways

Blessed with historic rustic villages, seemingly never-ending vineyards, and relaxed unhurried canal life, barging on the medieval Canal du Midi in southwestern France’s remote Languedoc Region was the ideal escape after a long, difficult two years with the COVID pandemic. Our tiny 8-passenger first class hotel barge, Anjodi, part of the European Waterways fleet, had […]

Springtime on the Isle of Skye

Spring comes slowly in the Highlands of Scotland but as sure of the Old Man of Storrs stands, it does come. Lambing season begins, wildflowers bloom and waterfalls run swiftly as mountain ice melts. Skye, 639 square miles in the Inner Hebrides chain of islands, has only 16 inhabitants per each square mile. Linked by […]

Riding the Rails in Europe

On my first trip to Europe many years ago, my sister Patty and I traveled around Ireland, England, Scotland, France and Switzerland via our Eurail Passes.  I found standing in front of the big departure boards in the train stations thrilling.