Celebrating 50 Years of the National Marine Sanctuaries Act

Americans love their national parks, and for good reason. Protecting over six million acres of land, the parks are places of refuge, relaxation, and connection to nature. It turns out there’s a similar system for our oceans and lakes. This fall marks the 50th anniversary of the signing of the National Marine Sanctuaries Act, an […]

Discover International Flair with Endless Outdoor Adventures on Famous Catalina Island

Story and Photos by Love Catalina Island Tourism Authority Catalina Island is a picture perfect island paradise and a world apart from the hustle and bustle of Southern California—just 22 miles off the coast—where you’re transported to a Mediterranean-style island experience. From the moment you arrive, your island life begins with breathtaking blue waters, green […]

Lion Fish! A solution in Destin, Florida

Known for its fresh seafood, beautiful beach views, exceptional service and family-friendly atmosphere, Harbor Docks has been a Destin restaurant tradition since 1979. Owner, Eddie Morgan, told us about the history of the restaurant and gave us a tour. Our family was excited to try out the menu and, in particular, the lionfish.  Lionfish, though delicious, are […]

The Bertha Benz Historical Road Trip in Germany

Today, she would be a successful blogger, influencer and videographer.  Then, she was just a housewife hoping her husband’s new business would succeed. She was Bertha Benz, wife of the mechanical engineer who had invented and patented the world’s first “vehicle with gas engine” in 1886. Dr. Carl Benz was building them, but they weren’t […]

Fall into Wellness at Greek Thermal Spas

With peak summer travel in the rear-view mirror, autumn is a wonderful time for a wellness trip in the cradle of western civilization. Early fall means the Aegean and Ionian Seas are still an ideal temperature for swimming along sandy beaches and rocky coves – sometimes adjacent to an archeological site like the Sanctuary of Hera, […]

The Bountiful Culinary Options of Israel

You have to taste a culture to understand it Deborah Cater To fully appreciate the depth of Israel’s diversity, it is essential to sample a variety of foods in several different regions of the country. To accomplish this goal, Ira and I visited Israel’s two largest cities— Jerusalem and Tel Aviv— and spent multiple days […]

Four Adventures in Puerto Rico’s Beautiful Central Mountains

Beyond Puerto Rico’s nearly 300 Caribbean beaches and Old San Juan’s cafes and pretty pastel buildings, are endless possibilities for adventures if you take a road trip deeper inland and explore the beautiful central mountains. We took that road trip and enjoyed FOUR FASCINATING EXPERIENCES. We explored a large cave of stalagmites and stalactites … […]

Sustainable Tourism in Puerto Rico

On any given day, there are over fifteen hundred vehicles eager to enter El Yunque National Forest in Northeastern Puerto Rico, but only two hundred parking spots. As one of the top attractions on the island, there was a push to reopen the park as quickly as possible after the devastation wrought by Hurricanes Irma […]

Heroes and Outlaws of Missouri

Missouri was part of the old west back in the 1800s. Three of its cities showcase the part heroes and outlaws played that formed the history and culture of the state and the country. Here are the places I visited that helped tell the story of these men and women who were native to, or […]

Heart of the Nation, an Iowa Rodeo

One of the most enjoyable things about my annual summer road trip, (which I call the “Retirement Doesn’t Suck Tour”), is seeking out events, like rodeos, that provide fabulous photo opportunities and great subjects to write about. During my three-month sojourn, traveling over 11,000 miles around the US this summer, I stumbled upon a special one, […]