Yokohama on My Mind

Formerly a small fishing village on the Tokaido road, Yokohama, now Japan’s second largest city, was first made a treaty port in 1859. Then followed an influx of traders, especially Chinese and British, making it the biggest port in Asia by the early 1900.

The Elegant Greenbrier, Home of the Top Secret Bunker

The most popular thing to do at the luxury Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia isn’t being pampered at the spa, playing a round of golf on one of its world-class courses, or indulging in its legendary fine dining.

The Quintessential Stars of the Green Mountain State

The covered bridges of Vermont are often found on postcards, in books and stories about the state and on many different social media sites. They’re the settings for idyllic, scenic drives, weddings, and ghost tales.

San Miguel de Allende – A City of Fallen Women

This is a city of fallen women. It’s also a city of fallen men. There are more ways to stub your toe and take a tumble on the cobblestone streets of this magnificent little town than there are art galleries – and there are an incredible number of art galleries in this town.