The Pride of Africa – Malawi’s Majete Wildlife Reserve

The great appeal of Africa has always been its wildlife. Elephants, rhinos, lions, leopards, zebra and even the Cape buffalo roamed freely in grasslands, savannahs and deep forests throughout much of the continent. But times are changing.

The Midwest’s Allure Will Intrigue You

While the Midwest maybe isn’t your typical vacation destination, it very well could be the smartest travel decision you’ll make. Adventures aplenty and priced just right, the Midwest is an awesome region to visit.

The Night Train to Izumo

It’s 10:20 at night and I’m on my back, in underpants and a tee shirt, watching commuters wait in line at Yokohama Station. Ordinarily, that should draw looks of horror, possibly the attention of the police, but not tonight.