Explore The City of Belgrade Through Its Delicious Food

Serbian cuisine is a melting pot of flavors and smells that draws its inspiration from the Byzantine influences – Greek, Bulgarian, Turkish and Hungarian motifs. Its colorful and boisterous character is as unique as its people.  Join us as we walk the city sampling a wide variety of food.

If you’re a foodie, here’s a mouthwatering itinerary of this delicious city to follow on your next trip to Belgrade. While exploring Belgrade, you can spend a good portion of your trip sampling the foods from the local markets and many restaurants that fill the city.  There are also a lot of small stands selling everything from pizza to ice cream.

The city of Belgrade boasts a seemingly endless selection of bakeries, kiosks, markets, eateries, and restaurants throughout its historical yet modern streets. Every year, locals and tourists alike enjoy eating at the restaurants on Skadarlija​ street or ‘tasting’ street with food from the local vendors.

Adventure Caffe. ry this local eatery if you are looking for a quick drink or just a bite to eat.

DVA Jelena

DVA Jelena, Skadarska 32, Belgrade, Serbia – which translates in English as Two Deer Restaurant, is a 180-year-old restaurant located in the center of Skadarlija. It was and still is a favorite watering hole of famous poets and writers such as Janko Veselinovic, Laza Kostic, Djura Jaksic, Milovan Glisic, and Tin Ujevic.

A live Serbian band perform each evening until 8:30pm. We loved our mixed meat platter with warm fresh bread, which we washed down with an excellent local Serbian wine.

DVA Jelena – Sip Vinarija Zvonko Bogdan Cuvée No.1, a very popular Central Serbian wine.


Belgrade has Farmer’s Markets where the Serbian farmers bring their fresh produce to the city every morning. Serbia prides itself on its effort to keep its agriculture free from Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO). The farmer’s market is where you will find locally sourced fruits, spreads, nuts and vegetables.

Adventure Caffe 

Be sure to venture down Knez Mihailova Street, known by the locals as KnezaMihaila,​ filled with shops, bars, restaurants, and art galleries. We settled on Adventure Café Trg republike 5, Belgrade Serbia, where we were served a delicious cold cuts plate, veal soup, salad, and of course, kajmak. According to a local Belgradian, kajmak, is “a cream cheese-like spread which we put everywhere! We love it, especially on hot bread and on a salad. For us, it goes with everything”.

Other Small Cafes Around Knez Mihailova

A classic Serbian band plays a mixture of traditional and contemporary music until 8:30 PM every evening at DVA Jelena.

The area also boasts dozens of small dessert cafes and shops. The Serbian people take the art of coffee and desert very seriously!

The cafes in Belgrade are favored by young and old people alike. Each cafe has a unique style that you will definitely not find anywhere else.

Hush Hush Social Club

Hush Hush Social Club Karađorđeva 2-4, Belgrade, Serbia, offers a little bit of Belgrade’s nightlife! This lounge bar is situated in the heart of Belgrade and overlooks the Sava River. During the day, this restaurant serves delicious traditional Serbian food.

We had the pljeskavica, which is a notorious Serbian dish akin to a burger. According to the chef himself, the meat is made out of lean beef prepared almost 72 hours in advance before it is baked. It is then topped with kajmak, the traditional creamy dairy product that is “put on everything”. To top it off, we had a slice of cake for dessert made from 3 different types of milk and covered in caramel.

In the evening, going to the Belgrade Fortress along the waterfront is a lovely place to finish the day before heading back to the hotel. And while there you should visit the Kahvana Mali Kalemegdan for a cup of coffee or a dink and some desert.

Savor pljeskavica, a favorite Serbian dish akin to a burger.


We loved eating our way through Belgrade and we would definitely recommend you do the same. Take your time to explore Belgrade through all of its exquisite cuisine. This beautiful city is not only steeped in history and culture, but also rich in spices and flavors. Follow your inner gourmand’s quest in the midst of this magical ever-changing city!

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