50 Shades of Fall in Vibrant Vermont

Few regions in America are more glorious in autumn than rural New England. Known for its colonial past, Atlantic coastline, forested mountains, and dazzling fall foliage, it’s a realm of covered bridges, country inns, weathered barns, 18th-century farmhouses, mountain lakes, and maple syrup. When autumn rolls around, the six-state region explodes in radiant shades of […]

Color Peeping in Southern Utah

The desert southwest has a beauty all of its own. Crystalline blue skies hover above red rocks as cacti and palm trees stretch toward them. Desert dandelions and marigolds, California poppies and golden suncups, and desert lavender and sand verbena stand out against the terracotta and umber landscape in spring and summer. I lived almost […]

Seven Ways to See Fall in Colorado

It’s not hard to find fall colors in Colorado.  There are more than two million acres of aspen trees in the state — one billion trees.  If placed together, they would cover Rhode Island and Delaware.  Add Colorado’s riverbanks, which are lined with cottonwoods (the close cousin of aspens and just as brilliant yellow) and […]

Bewitched by Salem

The first tarot card the psychic at Pentagram turned over was a Sun, which I was told signifies optimism and success. She then proceeded to tell me I would have several opportunities coming my way soon. One would be career-related, the other not. And a third was going to be a distraction I shouldn’t undertake. […]

Fall Foliage Travels from Heidelberg to Happy Valley in Celebration of Oktoberfest

Frequently void of huge crowds found during summer and the holidays, autumn is a wonderful season to travel. Amid generally pleasant early October temperatures, fall foliage dazzles us with colors that evoke childhood memories of a fruit loops bowl. Fall is also a wonderful time of year to join our German friends around the world in […]

Mother Nature’s Lifecycle at Marlette Lake, Through a Hiker’s Eyes

Autumn has such a distinct scent. You know it when you smell it. All along the trail to Marlette Lake on the East Shore of Lake Tahoe I kept taking deep breaths. While it is really death that is in the air, the power of it gave me energy. Perhaps seeing the power of Mother […]

Fall color in the Midwest: The Big Reveal

Autumn arrives in the Midwest without the fanfare of spring storms. Ditto for summer’s heatwaves or the nostalgia associated with winter holidays. One day the treetops are as green as can be, and then? The Big Reveal of brilliant Technicolor.  Find great colors in any of the Breadbasket states or take a road trip to […]

Vietnam’s Idyllic Phu Quoc Island

The view from the windows of the world’s longest over-the-sea cable car was magnificent. From our ephemeral perch, more than 500 feet above the Gulf of Thailand, Phong Lan and I looked down upon the fishing village of An Thó’i at the southern tip of Vietnam’s Phu Quoc Island. Hundreds of commercial vessels, their red […]

You Gotta Have Seoul

Seoul is often seen as a pass-through city by travelers flying to various parts of Asia. And that’s how my husband and I saw it until, in late 2019, we decided to spend nine days there and see what Seoul had to offer. Turns out, it has a lot to offer. Traditional, modern, colorful, and […]

Recalling a Superb Galapagos Islands Autumn Adventure

When planning our trip to the Galapagos Archipelago, a year-round destination, Ira and I chose to visit during the garoa (dry season) which runs from July to December. Unlike many Northern Hemisphere’s destinations that are inundated with cooler temperatures, overcast skies, and a multitude of rainy autumn days, the Southern Hemisphere’s Galapagos Islands are known […]