Northern Idaho: Outdoor Adventure and Small-Town Fun

Town of Wallace in Northern Idaho

By embracing its wild beauty and colorful past, Northern Idaho is creating eco-friendly options for all of us. [dropcap]W[/dropcap]hen Rand McNally and USA Today chose Sandpoint, Idaho, population 7,300, as the “Most Beautiful Small Town in America” in 2011, cattle trucks and big rigs still hauled their loads through downtown. For small towns relying on […]

Eco-Friendly Wineries in the Yadkin Valley – North Carolina Wine Country

north carolina's wine country pizza and wine

When it comes to wine, North Carolina Wine Country is a serious contender. [dropcap]C[/dropcap]alifornia’s Napa Valley is well-known for its world-renowned wineries, but it’s not the only wine-producing region in the United States. The Yadkin Valley in North Carolina is steadily gaining accolades thanks to a robust viticulture program at the Surry County Community College […]

Taking an Eco-Detour for a Cup of Prized Puerto Rican Coffee

coffee products from Hacienda Buena Vista in Puerto Rico

The Hacienda Buena Vista Plantation in Puerto Rico offers eco-tourists the opportunity to experience the prized Puerto Rican coffee. [dropcap]F[/dropcap]rom that Eureka! Moment in the middle ages when an Ethiopian goat herder discovered what his goats already knew—a little coffee was a great way to start the day—human beings have pleasured themselves with the tastes […]

A Japan Eco-Adventure…On Bike!

Kosenji temple in Shikoku Japan

A Japan eco-adventure, cycling through the Shimanami Kaidooffers, offers the active eco-tourist a breathtaking experience.  [dropcap]F[/dropcap]ew countries can claim to have a relationship as close to nature as Japan does. While casual visitors to Tokyo and Kyoto may view an endless sea of concrete at first, they soon realize how Japanese citizens find ways to […]

It’s Easy to Travel Green in the Costa Rica Osa Peninsula

Toucan Cabin in Costa Rica

Living la pura vida (the pure life) in the Costa Rica Osa Peninsula.  [dropcap]T[/dropcap]he air hangs heavy and wet as the 12-seat Cessna descends from the clouds. The rainstorm that had jostled us for the hour-long flight from San José, the capital of Costa Rica, had finally ended, and as I step out onto the […]

Sunset on Riviera Maya

Sunset view along the Mexican Riviera

Going green on the Mexican Riviera has never felt so hedonistic and the Riviera Maya is just one gem along the western coast of Mexico. [dropcap]E[/dropcap]co tourism is a hot catch phrase in travel—combine doing good with feeling good. What’s not to love? While there is no international body to prevent an establishment from calling […]