Why is scenic and dynamic San Miguel de Allende called “the Heart of Mexico”? The simple answer would be its place on the map — smack dab in the middle of the country, in the state of Guanajuato.  

But the reality is that Mexico’s metaphorical heart beats in this charming colonial city for many reasons:  The country’s crucible of freedom, the cradle of its independence movement, lies in the urban core. The folklore of an entire nation, and amazing works of public art inspired by it, can be admired as one strolls the streets. And those who search further will find Mexican-rooted, Tequila-drenched passion in the birthplace, and extravagant entombment, of Mexico’s most Mexican songwriter — Jose Alfredo Jimenez, known as “El Rey” — located within a short taxi ride.    

As the “new normal” of travel and tourism begins to take shape, it is San Miguel de Allende that takes on the task of welcoming visitors back to Mexico. This amazing city beats with a new rhythm, one that goes beyond the resort experience and invites visitors to an authentic experience.   

San Miguel de Allende has a mystical quality about it. Picturesque cobblestoned streets and Spanish colonial architecture combine with age-old traditions both religious and secular, a rooftop bar and restaurant scene, and a spectacular natural setting perfect for escapes, from hot-air balloon rides to tours of its flourishing wine country and Tequila fields. 

Why consider visiting San Miguel de Allende now? 

FRIENDLINESS – Often recognized as one of the friendliest places in Mexico and the world, people who visit the city often make it their home.  

GASTRONOMY & WINES – San Miguel de Allende is one of the country’s leading culinary hotspots, with cooks and chefs of all walks of life making the UNESCO World Heritage city their home. 

TRADITION – The city is particularly famous for its festivals, and although most of them are religious in nature, there are plenty of other cultural aspects to keep every visitor’s interest piqued.  

THE ARTS -Today, the city is home to hundreds to artists, including jewelry designers, painters and sculptors who fill its streets with art galleries with everything from modern and contemporary art to works by local artisans and indigenous peoples from around the Americas.  

Love is Love – For those looking for an experience that goes beyond a beach resort wedding, San Miguel de Allende offers multiple experiences to the special day. One unique tradition is the colorful and lively callejoneada, a procession of sorts, it is similar to a second line parade with the happy couple leading giant puppets called mojigangas, mariachis and other local traditional characters.   

ENroute Takes to Social Media to Reconnect with Travel Media 

With travel and tourism public relations on pause — as most travel is on hold for the time being — ENroute  started a social media campaign under the hashtag #TravelwENroute inviting journalists to remember the good times they have had while traveling on a press trip by posting a picture of the experience. 

The campaign revels in nostalgia, with writers going back through almost 15 years —and across five continents — of travel with ENroute staff. Taking advantage of #ThrowbackThursday, #TravelTuesday and #FlashbackFriday — over 100 writers have taken part in the campaign so far by sharing more than 8,000 posts and comments across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.  

In June, ENroute worked with the city of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico to enhance the social media campaign and celebrate its reopening with a Twitter Party which made #SanMigueldeAllende a trending topic in the United States and Canada.  

In August, the agency partnered with syndicated television show, California Life for a virtual Tequila tasting by Viva Tequila Festival’s Mr. Tequila in celebration of National Tequila day. 

During the pandemic, ENroute has worked on all-important webinars, educating clients and their partners on ways to manage communications, weekly updates on the travel world as it relates to COVID-19, and sending care packages to writers.