Las Alamandas: Color Me Pink

[dropcap]P[/dropcap]ale yellow paths, decorated with stone mosaics wind through gardens fragrant with the scent of gardenias, bougainvillea, and jasmine as well as yellow Alamandas flowers for which the resort is named.

Owner Isabel Goldsmith who inherited the place from her grandfather, simply fell in love with this remote paradise and its perfect half-mile beach long, its lagoons rich in wildlife and its setting of low hills covered in trees and cactus.

Using her own interpretation of the vibrant colors of Mexico, she lavishly spread splashes of Schiaparelli pink around, rather subtly, here and there, complemented by delicate touches of a sorbet color palette, as if a divine hand had engaged into a playful coloring with colored pencil.

Creating then a unique festive mood for Las Alamandas, together with an architecture that is unashamedly romantic. Situated on a lonely stretch of the Pacific coast and a 90 mile drive south of Puerto Vallarta in Jalisco, Mexico, the exclusive resort of Las Alamandas take use of color in Mexican architecture to dramatic new levels.

Palm trees and a yellow pebbled path lead via a monumental fountain imported from Portugal, to casitas of hacienda style decor, featuring the three magic elements of Mexican architecture: the wall, the courtyard, and the bold use of color. Tiled floors, thick, rendered walls, shuttered windows and high vaulted ceilings set the tone but it is the vibrant color that makes the most impact.

Beachfront villa: Casa del Domo harboring an ardent pink painted dome is exceptionally striking against the turquoise blue ocean surf backdrop. Similarly vibrant hues are used on the risers of steps, playfully displayed along curved alleyways conducing to the Casita San Miguel or Casa Isidro villas. Serene, and sophisticated enough, the place exudes a simple charm with a touch of class.

Only hard work and careful attention to details can produce such elegance and grace which on the surface only, seems so effortless. Primitive, sophisticated and contemporary at once, its architecture serves as a “mise en scene” in which one can sense through its pink walls the reminiscent influence of a Luis Barragan, perhaps, but softened by curved edges.

And on such a stage, not unlike quite a few Hollywood Hotshots, you, the guests have now become the star of the show. Since all the props are there, it is up to each of you to write your own scenario, and inspiration are a bundle; only your imagination or lack of it is the limit.

There are no agenda, and nature is your canvas… The place is huge, and there are discoveries to be made, every single day. A bird sanctuary where more than 100 species of wild birds can be spotted, and while on your way there, you might even cross path with a deer, as surprised as you by the encounter.

A perfect picnic for two on one the four secluded beaches, may be, or sunset viewing on top of a cliff while sipping cocktails, perhaps, or even horseback riding at sundown on the seashore, and all of these activities with seldom having a glimpse at any of the other guests.

Each guest experience is guaranteed to be unique and each one will leave reluctantly, feeling that for a brief moment they had been the “queen” or “king” of the castle.

Difficult to be “blue”, indeed, when waking up at Las Alamandas. Just a glance through the shutters of your half opened window, witnessing the wonderful harmony between the dash green of the swaying palm trees and the emerald hues of the ocean in the distance, brightens your day.

Surrounded by such a beauty, your spirit invigorated, you stroll down the lush alleyways leading to the Palapa beachside restaurant, where you are ready to order some freshly squeezed homegrown fruit juice, accompanied by “eggs’ Isabel” (Isabel Goldsmith own version of Huevos rancheros), meanwhile right in front of your very eyes the pelicans are having their ‘breakfast’ too. Swirling in a strange ballet, spotting their pray from high above, they suddenly zoom in, dive in and catch their fish in a split of a second, as your hear the sound of the crashing waves.

In quite a short time, you have reconnected body and spirit, heart and soul, with a simple magic recipe that combined a bit of color therapy, as those pink hues definitely reinvigorated your spirit, the power of nature in the wild revived your senses, while the strong rhythm of the pounding ocean nursed you back to sleep.

Fully rested and relaxed, you are now looking at life on the “rosy” side and ready to face that “gray” world again.


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