Six Days on the Green River

We launched our canoe when the wind was against us. Starting at Crystal Geyser in southern Utah, we planned to end near the confluence of the Green and Colorado Rivers. We struggled to move forward. At the stern, Rudy kept the canoe on course.  “Have you been in these conditions before?” I yelled to him. “Yes, […]

Color Peeping in Southern Utah

The desert southwest has a beauty all of its own. Crystalline blue skies hover above red rocks as cacti and palm trees stretch toward them. Desert dandelions and marigolds, California poppies and golden suncups, and desert lavender and sand verbena stand out against the terracotta and umber landscape in spring and summer. I lived almost […]

Exploring Southern Utah’s National Parks during Coronavirus

Stepping up to the edge of the precipice, there is nothing but air in the spectacular abyss known as the Grand Canyon. The shackles of months of coronavirus isolation seem to vanish in an instant. Glancing back, my 18-year-old cousin Charlie stands frozen five steps behind me with terror gripping his face. “You’re afraid of […]