Atlanta to Asheville: What It's Like To Take a Pandemic Road Trip

While it wasn’t the same experience as our carefree vacations of the past, it was exciting to pack up the car and hit the road again.  As the time grew closer for my husband and I to take our long-awaited road trip, we began to have serious doubts about leaving our bubble at home. Even though the […]

Whidbey and Camano Islands

A rural, Pacific Northwest destination known for its rugged outdoor beauty, vibrant arts and a creative culinary crowd, Whidbey and Camano Islands immediately moved their energy in March to please curious travelers remotely.   The sights, sounds and flavors of Whidbey and Camano Islands  became available through digital tours and recipes found here  Armchair travelers continue to explore a new content library featuring tours, tastings, and […]

Westchester County, NY

Bordered by the Hudson River on the west and by Long Island Sound to the east, Westchester County spans across 500 square miles of New York state and is a perfect place for families, couples and solo travelers eager to enjoy the crisp fall weather and celebrate the season. This year, travelers will look to the great outdoors for wide-open spaces where they will feel comfortable and safe to celebrate […]

The San Juan Islands

When the coronavirus known as COVID-19 became a pandemic earlier this year, the San Juan Islands responded with compassion and ingenuity. Sewing circles churned out cloth masks by the dozens, restaurants kept food banks well-supplied, and distillers switched to sanitizer instead of spirits.   Other ‘signs of the times’ were, quite literally, signs. Heart-shaped cutouts expressing peace, love and encouragement were […]


On florida’s historic coast businesses are open and welcoming guests. Facemasks are mandated in the City of St. Augustine and St. Augustine Beach.  Ponte Vedra Beach and the rest of our county does not mandate them but businesses ask that visitors and community members wear them.  County-wide there is a pledge commitment that local businesses make to adhere to CDC guidelines and ensure […]

Locked Down in Sicily during a Pandemic

For over a year I have been planning a trip to historical Sicily, in the south of Italy.  I imagined my time there would be spent enjoying dinner parties and wine tours.  I never thought, for a moment, I would get caught up in the chaos of a worldwide pandemic! My Sicilian tour of a […]

Exploring Southern Utah’s National Parks during Coronavirus

Stepping up to the edge of the precipice, there is nothing but air in the spectacular abyss known as the Grand Canyon. The shackles of months of coronavirus isolation seem to vanish in an instant. Glancing back, my 18-year-old cousin Charlie stands frozen five steps behind me with terror gripping his face. “You’re afraid of […]

Bathing in a Japanese Onsen During a Pandemic

To bathe or not to bathe in a hot spring these days, that is the question.  After Japan’s state of emergency was lifted, I decided I would soak if I could find an environment that seemed safe. For several months, this hot spring addict abstained from entering the sacred waters of Japanese onsens out of fear of contracting COVID-19. Finally, […]


As the full moon reflected off the dark seas and our boat gently rocked on the rolling swells, I thought, “this sure beat washing my hands, disinfecting delivery from my favorite Thai restaurant, and searching for something new to watch on Netflix.”  What does a travel writer do during a pandemic, other than fantasize about the exotic trips he can’t take? If you are […]

You’re Gonna Get on a WHAT? Traveling in the Times of a Pandemic

“So I’m planning on flying up to Portland, Maine next week,” I told my friend. Dead silence. Clear disapproval. I understood that. It’s early July, still in the midst of our much misunderstood pandemic and I was doing something crazy. Getting on an airplane. But how else was I going to get to the summer […]