Thanksgiving Memories in Wauchula, Florida

Live Oaks and Spanish moss shaded the Davises’ barn, which was in a small town of about 5,000 people in Central Florida surrounded by dairy farms and citrus groves. In this part of Florida, radio stations turned to noise—the occasional Mexican ballad cut through the static of some AM stations like a ghostly transmission. Nobody would […]

To Thanksgiving or Not to Thanksgiving, That is the Dilemma

Thanksgiving this year is like no other. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade is virtual. Our gatherings are small. And maybe there won’t be any gatherings at all. In a nutshell, to Thanksgiving or not to Thanksgiving is a dilemma that many of us, myself included, are facing.  I’d like to say that holding a 2020 Thanksgiving get-together is a slam dunk. My immediate […]

“New Normal” Traditions

It’s the fourth week in November and I’m not wearing a bikini.  Or donning flip flops, or slathering on the sunscreen. In Wisconsin that would be expected for this time of year, but for us, it’s a bit unusual.  It has been ten years since we haven’t traveled to the Caribbean at Thanksgiving.  With our oldest now in college, her […]