Krabi, Thailand, An Out-of-the-Way Nature Experience

Krabi, in Southern Thailand, is where many Thai experiences feel more local and personal than those at the more famous, yet fun, Phuket Island. Nearby Krabi is simply breathtakingly beautiful and worth going out of your way for and enjoying its hospitality, with its over 100 islands and jagged limestone cliffs, and sharp edges piercing […]

Pattaya: Affordable Thailand Rejuvenation Destination

The lockdowns had gotten to us. We needed a reset. Our bodies became weaker, due to enough lack of movement. But even more than that, we weren’t happy. We missed traveling the world. The thought of leaving New York City’s frigid wintertime temperatures to beautiful Thailand became possible again, due to loosening entry restrictions. We […]

Southeast Asia by Sea: Hitting the Highlights on a 17-Day Cruise

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]n the 1969 movie, “If it’s Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium,” a busload of tourists travels across Europe at a whirlwind pace, spending only a day in each country. At the time, seasoned travelers poked fun at the idea of such a madcap itinerary. After all, how could anyone experience a country’s culture in a […]

Bangkok: The Side Tourists Rarely See

  [dropcap]T[/dropcap]he chubby six-year-old with the heavy-duty water cannon scanned the crowd, looking for targets.  He spotted me, one of the few Western tourists in sight, and hesitated. I smiled. That was all he needed. The wet blast from his weapon hit me square in the chest. I didn’t mind. There are worse things than […]