The Great Pirate Towns of the Americas

Ever since there have been boats, there have been pirates. What could be easier for criminals than robbing a ship on the high seas, far from prying eyes and any type of protection? Especially when the ships at sea could be carrying treasures of gold and silver. It’s no wonder that desperate men turned to […]

Four Adventures in Puerto Rico’s Beautiful Central Mountains

Beyond Puerto Rico’s nearly 300 Caribbean beaches and Old San Juan’s cafes and pretty pastel buildings, are endless possibilities for adventures if you take a road trip deeper inland and explore the beautiful central mountains. We took that road trip and enjoyed FOUR FASCINATING EXPERIENCES. We explored a large cave of stalagmites and stalactites … […]

Sustainable Tourism in Puerto Rico

On any given day, there are over fifteen hundred vehicles eager to enter El Yunque National Forest in Northeastern Puerto Rico, but only two hundred parking spots. As one of the top attractions on the island, there was a push to reopen the park as quickly as possible after the devastation wrought by Hurricanes Irma […]

Off the Beaten Path: Holiday Escapes in Puerto Rico

My SCUBA diver instructor Captain Cachi checks my gear one last time, and we start slowly descending into the waves of La Parguera Bay in Puerto Rico. This is my first dive ever, and I’m both thrilled and nervous. I have done the basic diving exercises a few dozen times while still on the boat: Learning how to […]

Taking an Eco-Detour for a Cup of Prized Puerto Rican Coffee

coffee products from Hacienda Buena Vista in Puerto Rico

The Hacienda Buena Vista Plantation in Puerto Rico offers eco-tourists the opportunity to experience the prized Puerto Rican coffee. [dropcap]F[/dropcap]rom that Eureka! Moment in the middle ages when an Ethiopian goat herder discovered what his goats already knew—a little coffee was a great way to start the day—human beings have pleasured themselves with the tastes […]