Cosmopolitan Panama City

With a colorful cocktail in hand, I lean close to the edge of the balcony and watch the show beginning to unfold before my eyes. Towering buildings begin to gleam, flash yellow, then orange and finally fade to black. As the last rays of sunlight dip below the hill, a million electric lights flare into […]

Belize: The Ancient Mayan Ruins of Caracol

A visit to Belize can take you from jungle adventure to pristine white sand beaches along the bright Caribbean blue sea where explorers of all ages can play and learn.

Puerto Vallarta’s Art: Sophisticated, Spiritual and Playful

Mosaic from locals & travelers

We came to Puerto Vallarta to relax, and relax we did. A couple of lazy days dipping feet into the gentle waves of the Bay of Banderas, soaking up the warm afternoon sun at our beachfront resort, and wondering at a star filled sky after a late night garden stroll soothed our tattered nerves.

A Return Visit to Paradise: Puerto Vallarta

Our Lady of Guadalupe cathedral, view from Bay of Banderras

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]capulco, Cancun, Iztapa-Zihuatanejo, Tijuana, Guadalajara and Mazatlan are cities in Mexico that I have visited in the past 10 years. The North American Travel Journalist Conference allowed me to spend four days in Puerto Vallarta, which I had last visited 8 years ago as a guest of Continental Airlines. Conde Nast Magazine called it “the […]

Colorful Costa Rica

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]ustainable tourism takes flight in the tiny coastal village of Punta Islita.       “Have you heard the macaws yet?” asks a man standing in the open-air lobby of the Hotel Punta Islita while I am checking into the luxury eco-resort that perches on a hillside overlooking a crescent-shaped beach on the Pacific Ocean. […]

Sunset on Riviera Maya

Sunset view along the Mexican Riviera

Going green on the Mexican Riviera has never felt so hedonistic and the Riviera Maya is just one gem along the western coast of Mexico. [dropcap]E[/dropcap]co tourism is a hot catch phrase in travel—combine doing good with feeling good. What’s not to love? While there is no international body to prevent an establishment from calling […]