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December 2020 Issue - Home for the Holidays

The Joys of Christmas on California’s Central Coast, from Santa Barbara to Los Olivos

After experiencing 2020, a year I never imagined and will never forget, I am happily reflecting on my pleasant and vivid memories of my last Christmas on California’s Central Coast. I spent the Christmas holidays in Santa Barbara, my second home. A staycation in Santa Barbara, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, is like traveling without leaving town. It’s an all-seasons resort with a…

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December 2020 Issue - Home for the Holidays

To Thanksgiving or Not to Thanksgiving, That is the Dilemma

Turkey Ice Cream Cake Thanksgiving this year is like no other. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade is virtual. Our gatherings are small. And maybe there won’t be any gatherings at all. In a nutshell, to Thanksgiving or not to Thanksgiving is a dilemma that many of us, myself included, are facing.  Memories of Macy's Thanksgiving Parade I’d like to…

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