A Danube River Cruise Dazzles the Senses

Danube River Cruise

Sailing along Europe’s Danube River conjures images of historic castles, rolling vineyards and UNESCO World Heritage towns. With flowers in bloom, spring is a great time to visit. Fewer crowds compared to summer means easier access to popular attractions along with money saving opportunities.  A Danube River Cruise offers a treasure trove of highlights. Companies […]

Accessible Austria

Salzburg main square

Salzburg If you have never been to Austria, here is a suggestion for an eight-day excursion that will give you a close-up introduction to a country rich in history and beauty with enough time to explore three very different cities. You’ll get to meet the people, visit a number of Austria’s highly accessible sights and […]

Trip Down the Danube River

Some people look at the world through rose colored glasses. Johann Straus may have been looking at the Danube River through sepia toned lenses.