Stories in this issue Spring 2022 – Spring into Travel

Spring 2022 Issue: Spring into Travel

Spring 2022 - Spring into Travel

Immersing in Idyllic Rural France on a Luxury Barge with European Waterways

Sunset view of Cathedral in Narbonne over the canal Blessed with historic rustic villages, seemingly never-ending vineyards, and relaxed unhurried canal life, barging on the medieval Canal du Midi in southwestern France’s remote Languedoc Region was the ideal escape after a long, difficult two years with the COVID pandemic. Our tiny 8-passenger first class hotel…

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Explore The City of Belgrade Through Its Delicious Food Serbian cuisine is a melting pot of flavors and smells that draws its inspiration from the Byzantine influences - Greek, Bulgarian, Turkish and Hungarian motifs. Its colorful and boisterous character is as unique as its people.  Join us as we walk the city sampling a wide variety of food. If you’re a foodie, here’s…

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