Set Your Clock to Island Time

After a colder than usual winter for most of the U.S., spring is finally here and it’s time to leave our dens of hibernation and head outdoors. For a new type of playground, consider the Lake ErieIslands of Ohio.

Wild, Untamed Baja

I’ve seen many Oscar-worthy productions in my life, but perhaps the most memorable was performed by a pod of gray whales at Lopez Mateos in the Sea of Cortez.

An Epic Journey to Inspire the Spirit

The trail down is winding and steep. Each step takes you back in time 30,000 years.

[dropcap]F[/dropcap]rom atop the south rim of the Grand Canyon, the trail down appears daunting. It weaves and snakes its way amid the layers of rocks, eventually vanishing from sight. I take a deep breath, step off the edge and begin my descent into this vast and imposing abyss. Most folks only see the Grand Canyon […]

Antarctica: Beyond Expectations

As soon as we stepped foot on land, were greeted by a welcoming committee of thousands of Adelie penguins dressed in their finest tuxes

Bicycling in Belgium

A sore butt was the only complaint I had during my European cycling trip – a trip awash with many memorable sights and experiences.

Vietnam and Cambodia – Memorable “Pinch Me” Moments

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]emorable ‘pinch me’ moments abound in Southeast Asia   As the stars fade and the colors of the sky begin to slowly change, the dark shadows of Angkor Wat’s temple walls gradually emerge. The anticipation builds among the hushed crowd as the towers and their reflection in the moat surrounding the vast complex become increasingly […]