Expensive Vodka – Super Premium or Snake Oil?

I know people – friends, family, casual acquaintances – who have made a cult out of tasting, sipping, guzzling, and cooking with vodka. I never understood it. I mean after all – in most cases it’s just straight-grain alcohol diluted to proof – usually around 80 proof (40 percent alcohol). In fact, the U.S. Bureau […]

Coffee Mugs, T Shirts, and Baseball Hats – A Lifetime of Travel Reimagined Post-COVID

A mishmash of coffee mugs emblazoned with logos and locations sits in the cupboard: Kalik, Beer of the Bahamas; World Famous Mountain Top Coffee, St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands; Falkland Islands – “Desire the Right.”   T-shirts splashed with the names of hotspots and name brands occupy corners in the closet: Gamboa Rainforest Resort, Panama Canal; Bloody Marys Bora Bora, French Polynesia; Hard Rock Café, Hong Kong; Cerveza Clara Dos Equis, Lager Especial, …AAAH!   Even the ubiquitous […]