Blind Mexican Sculptor José García Antonio

Breaking the Mold: How a Blind Sculptor Found Vision in His Hands Deep in the heart of Mexico, about 25 miles south of Oaxaca City on the road to Puerto Angel, a blind sculptor is breaking one mold while carving another out of adversity. When Maestro José García lost his eyesight to glaucoma at age […]

50 Shades of Fall in Vibrant Vermont

Few regions in America are more glorious in autumn than rural New England. Known for its colonial past, Atlantic coastline, forested mountains, and dazzling fall foliage, it’s a realm of covered bridges, country inns, weathered barns, 18th-century farmhouses, mountain lakes, and maple syrup. When autumn rolls around, the six-state region explodes in radiant shades of […]

Reverent Myanmar

The World’s Most Devout Buddhist Country  The headlines are jarring. In account after account, they report incidents of jailed journalists, ethnic genocide, and other appalling human rights violations. They’re grim snapshots of Myanmar, Southeast Asia’s most mystical, least understood land—a country of more than 100 ethnic groups that opened its doors to foreigners less than a decade […]

Amsterdam’s Winter Wonderland

Amsterdam's Winter Snow Globe

Amsterdammers love to claim there’s no translation for gezellig (pronounced heh-SELL-ick)—a Dutch word that describes a cozy ambiance and feeling of being comfortable with friends and loved ones. [dropcap]Y[/dropcap]et gezellig is defined in 3D every winter, when Holland’s capital turns into a wonderland brimming with holiday spirit. At the first sign of fall, pop-up stands […]