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Photojournalist and travel writer Laura Watilo Blake is the chief exploration officer for, which focuses on soft adventure and experiential travel stories and photography.

Winter 2021 - The Magic of the Holidays

Night at the Museum: Cleveland’s ‘A Christmas Story’ House

It’s Christmas all year long at the ‘A Christmas Story’ House—yellow clapboard house with the green trim at 3159 West 11th Street in Cleveland’s Tremont neighborhood. Want to spend Christmas reliving the classic holiday film ‘A Christmas Story?’ You could catch the 24-marathon of the movie on TBS or TNT on Christmas Eve. Better yet,…

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Spring 2021 Issue - Road Trips!

The Return to America: Custer State Park’s scenic drives, rock stars and the beasts of the Black Hills

Custer State Park is home to the second-largest herd of bison on public land, just behind Yellowstone National Park. When Covid-19 decided to take a round-the-world journey of a lifetime, it left the rest of us grounded indefinitely. Even with fewer hurdles to barrier-free movement within the country and abroad as we move into summer 2021,…

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