Heroes and Outlaws of Missouri

Missouri was part of the old west back in the 1800s. Three of its cities showcase the part heroes and outlaws played that formed the history and culture of the state and the country. Here are the places I visited that helped tell the story of these men and women who were native to, or […]

Wings of the West

In these strange times, road-trips to mostly outdoor attractions are the safest way to go. When you have a theme in mind, it makes your trip more meaningful. West Volusia County offers just that. It was an easy drive for me as I live two hours away.   Wings of the West are a group of six […]

The Unsinkable Mississippi Gulf Coast

For The Gulf Coast, so much revolves around what the sea gives and, when a hurricane like Katrina strikes, what it takes away.   But you can’t keep the Mississippi Gulf Coast Down! 

San Angelo, Texas: From Cowtown to Culture

The name San Angelo conjures up visions of a place filled with lore and legend. Let’s take a trip into the past to see San Angelo’s early days and the things that created those legends.