Jeffrey Lehmann

About the Author Jeffrey Lehmann

Jeffrey is host and producer of the “Weekend Explorer” travel series. At just 14, a visit with relatives became a summer long odyssey traveling Western Europe…alone! In high school, he participated in an exchange program to New Zealand, including exploring Australia and Hawaii. As a college student, intuition helped him escape the Tiananmen Square crackdown. Always the entrepreneur, as a junior at the University of California San Diego studying Engineering, he purchased and ran a mid-sized travel agency. Following college, Lehmann engineered new energy technologies for General Atomics by day, learned TV production at night—launching the award winning “Weekend Explorer” series in 1999 and earning an Emmy for “Performance as Host” in 2000 and educational series in 2009. “Weekend Explorer” is provided free airing on more than 210 PBS stations nationwide and airs on commercial stations across the nation. The series also airs in more than two-dozen foreign countries and in-flight on Delta Airlines.