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Judi Cohen has travelled the world in search of unique experiences and off-the-beaten-path destinations. She is a connoisseur of small-ship cruises that pack big adventure, and local cultural and dining experiences. Judi became a full-time traveler and travel advisor in 2015 following her 35-year career in engineering and transportation, and today she writes about her experiences to inspire others to step outside their comfort zones and embrace new kinds of adventures. Judi has been to over 80 countries on six continents and enjoys sharing her stories along the way. Her training and experience as a Health Coach and Travel Advisor allows her to seek out wellness destinations and design travel experiences. Traveling with family and friends, and sharing ideas and itineraries so others can plan their own unique adventures is her passion. Her “next trip” is always on her mind and on her calendar.

Spring 2022 - Spring into Travel

Immersing in Idyllic Rural France on a Luxury Barge with European Waterways

Sunset view of Cathedral in Narbonne over the canal Blessed with historic rustic villages, seemingly never-ending vineyards, and relaxed unhurried canal life, barging on the medieval Canal du Midi in southwestern France’s remote Languedoc Region was the ideal escape after a long, difficult two years with the COVID pandemic. Our tiny 8-passenger first class hotel…

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