Welcome to the Conch Republic! Key West

Welcome to the Conch Republic!

You might not think that roosters, six-toed cats, Hemmingway and President Truman share anything in common. But, they do, having each called Key West home at one point or another. And some, like the roosters and cats, have become permanent denizens of this irreverent southernmost, subtropical paradise. Located closer to Cuba than to Miami, this […]

Acadia National Park: The Crown Jewel of Coastal Maine

The popovers at the Jordan Pond House in Maine’s Acadia National Park are famous. But until you try them, you might be skeptical of their reputation. After all, they’re popovers. How good could they be? It only took one bite of my Jordan Pond House popover to know that the glowing accolades were true. I […]

Bewitched by Salem

The first tarot card the psychic at Pentagram turned over was a Sun, which I was told signifies optimism and success. She then proceeded to tell me I would have several opportunities coming my way soon. One would be career-related, the other not. And a third was going to be a distraction I shouldn’t undertake. […]

The Quintessential Stars of the Green Mountain State

The covered bridges of Vermont are often found on postcards, in books and stories about the state and on many different social media sites. They’re the settings for idyllic, scenic drives, weddings, and ghost tales.

Surprises on a Road Trip through Northwest Nebraska

This summer, the road trip is being rediscovered by many travelers during what has become the new “normal.” They’re taking off in cars, campers, RVs and motorcycles, seeking opportunities to explore our country’s natural playgrounds.   Some are opting for the road less traveled in order to avoid potentially crowded areas. The plus to this plan is the possibility of finding hidden gems along the way.  Take Northwest Nebraska, for example. Definitely […]