Fall color in the Midwest: The Big Reveal

Autumn arrives in the Midwest without the fanfare of spring storms. Ditto for summer’s heatwaves or the nostalgia associated with winter holidays. One day the treetops are as green as can be, and then? The Big Reveal of brilliant Technicolor.  Find great colors in any of the Breadbasket states or take a road trip to […]

Santa Claus, Indiana – A Place For Holiday Magic

Welcome to Santa Claus, Indiana

If there is any place that offers a bit of holiday inspiration, it is Santa Claus, Indiana. [dropcap]A[/dropcap]s we grow older, we sometimes can get a bit cynical about the holidays and in need of a bit of magic to rekindle the holiday spirit. “The town of Santa Claus is festive and magical year round,” […]