Costa Rican Coffee is Steeped in Tradition in the Central Highlands

Costa Rica is a Central American paradise, with lush rainforests, active volcanos, and incredible wildlife. But there is another reason to add Costa Rica to your travel bucket list: Coffee. Costa Rican beans are revered by coffee connoisseurs, baristas, and aficionados worldwide.  History of Coffee in Costa Rica The coffee industry has played a vital […]

Taking an Eco-Detour for a Cup of Prized Puerto Rican Coffee

coffee products from Hacienda Buena Vista in Puerto Rico

The Hacienda Buena Vista Plantation in Puerto Rico offers eco-tourists the opportunity to experience the prized Puerto Rican coffee. [dropcap]F[/dropcap]rom that Eureka! Moment in the middle ages when an Ethiopian goat herder discovered what his goats already knew—a little coffee was a great way to start the day—human beings have pleasured themselves with the tastes […]