Terri Marshall & Vanessa Orr

About the Author Terri Marshall & Vanessa Orr

Terri: Based in New York City, Terri Marshall writes about travel, food, drink, cultural events, road trips, cars and characters. She's also a multi-generational travel specialist for the TravelingMom network where she serves as editor of the Traveling Grandparents section of the website. Publication credits include AARP, TravelingMom, Private Clubs, World Footprints, International Living, Google, TravelSquire, North Hills Monthly and AroundWellington.com. She's a member of SATW and NATJA. Happiest when she's globetrotting, Terri has covered destinations all over the United States, Europe, Africa and into Central and South America. Favorite adventures include reindeer driving in Norway, hanging out with penguins in Antarctica and fishing for piranhas in the Amazon jungle of Peru. ---------- Vanessa: Freelance writer. Road tripper. Travel diva. Dog rescuer. Writes for food or kibbles and bits. Based out of Pittsburgh, PA, via Juneau, AK, I've been a freelance writer for more than 25 years. An avid traveler, I always bring home amazing memories, intriguing stories...and often more dogs.