Cruising and Slow Travel

A Match Made at Sea When I asked what time we were leaving for our wine tasting and château visit, I was told “10ish.” “10ish?” “Yes, 10ish,” the captain replied. That set the tone for my leisurely barge trip through Burgundy. Everything had a schedule, but there was built-in flexibility to accommodate changes and unexpected […]

To Thanksgiving or Not to Thanksgiving, That is the Dilemma

Thanksgiving this year is like no other. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade is virtual. Our gatherings are small. And maybe there won’t be any gatherings at all. In a nutshell, to Thanksgiving or not to Thanksgiving is a dilemma that many of us, myself included, are facing.  I’d like to say that holding a 2020 Thanksgiving get-together is a slam dunk. My immediate […]

Portland Oregon’s Edgy Culture

Quirky Portland. Creative Portland. Yummy Portland. All are very apt descriptions of this young-spirited, upstart of a city in Oregon.