Elaine J. Masters

About the Author Elaine J. Masters

After living in most of the major cities along the west coast of America, from Alaska to San Diego, Elaine has transformed her wanderlust to word-smithing as an international soft adventure and scuba diving traveler. When home she hosts the Travel Well, Meet-Plan-Go and Travel Massive Meetups. Her blog, Trip Wellness, helps travelers get where they're going feeling great. She's the award-winning author of Drivetime Yoga (Indie Excellence Award and San Diego Book Awards Finalist) as well as the author of Flytime Yoga. Taking her years in public radio and radio drama award (AWRT), she produces, The Gathering Road, travel podcast which is available on iTunes and in the top ten on the Womens Radio network. The podcast features travel experts and expert travelers offering anecdotes and tips. She's written for SD Dining Out magazine and numerous blogs, plus is a regular contributor to the Klat site.