The Kansas Art Trail

Art is a wonderful way to share the history and culture of a town and add beauty at the same time. Public art brings visitors to towns and cities for the art itself, as well as those following certain trails, (chocolate trails, donut trails, sculpture trails). Several Kansas towns offer fun art through their murals, […]

Branson Has it All

Branson is a patriotic and faith-filled town with shopping, entertainment, and outdoor beauty making this a visit that has it all! The first week in April I had the chance to visit this wonderful place as the guest of Sara Broers of Travel with Sara. A stay at the beautiful Chateau on the Lake offered a […]

Road trip to Decatur Alabama!

A road trip to Decatur, Alabama was in order! My husband Keith and I headed out the last day of February. The Land Between the Lakes, with a stop at Fort Henry was on our minds. We had been to the Fort Donnelson but Keith, a Civil War buff, wanted to learn more about Fort Henry. There were only a […]

A Road Trip to the Amana Colonies During the Pandemic

Traveling to the Amana Colonies is like stepping back in time. The history of the Amana’s is unique and makes this a special place.  This was a great trip for us because right now, during this pandemic, we are keeping travel regional, so we won’t have to worry about quarantining once we return home. To get from […]

Generational Travel: A Different Type of Travel

Every summer one of my best friends travels to a resort in Wisconsin where her family fishes and they kick back. They all go. I always thought this was so wonderful that they all traveled together, and now that we had two family trips this past year I realize I was right: generational travel is the best!

Cooking Class at El Arrayán

Student cutting pineapple

Puerto Vallarta is magical and so is the restaurant El Arrayán. Owned by Carmen Porras since 2003, she named her restaurant after a species of tree that bears the small, sweet and tart fruit.

Santa Claus, Indiana – A Place For Holiday Magic

Welcome to Santa Claus, Indiana

If there is any place that offers a bit of holiday inspiration, it is Santa Claus, Indiana. [dropcap]A[/dropcap]s we grow older, we sometimes can get a bit cynical about the holidays and in need of a bit of magic to rekindle the holiday spirit. “The town of Santa Claus is festive and magical year round,” […]