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Ben was introduced to serious photography by an old pro who specialized in classic B&W images. He's also been fortunate to be able to travel most of his adult life and has enjoyed reading about travelers' experiences for as long as he can remember. His writing style is a bit more introspective than many travel journalists and he doesn't hesitate to impose his musings on the reader. Ben absolutely loves the opportunity to put thoughts and visions together in a piece that inspires.

Winter 2021 - The Magic of the Holidays

Santa’s North Pole: Not Fake News!

The faint green curtain moving through the sky suggests a sumptuous light show was on its way. The rumors start earlier every year, now well before Thanksgiving, just like the ads for diamonds, drones, and dolls. I guess they are an improvement over the rumors and attack ads whenever we have an election, but these seemed just, well, mean-spirited. I was hearing it rumored that Santa wasn’t real, and the North Pole workshop was just…

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