Life Balance in Costa Rica

Pura Vida, Tourism, and Eco-Sustainability When the invite came, we canceled other plans, packed quickly, and headed for the airport. There are dozens of good reasons why travelers flock to Costa Rica–stunning natural beauty, friendly locals, a commitment to sustainability and conservation, among them—but, for us, it is a “no plan” zone, where we can […]

Christmas in the City of Lights

Night time in Paris, France, with a lit Christmas tree in the foreground.

Paris is a most magical place. There are always new sights. There are always stories. On this trip, we were with friends with small children, and we had only a few hours left in which to capture and consume some of that magic. Time to get moving. On the early December afternoon we had together, […]

Santa’s North Pole: Not Fake News!

The rumors start earlier every year, now well before Thanksgiving, just like the ads for diamonds, drones, and dolls. I guess they are an improvement over the rumors and attack ads whenever we have an election, but these seemed just, well, mean-spirited. I was hearing it rumored that Santa wasn’t real, and the North Pole workshop was just an urban legend. Perhaps it was the Grinch and his boys, or Scrooge and his social media team. “Fake News!” they said. “BS” (as in Bushido Samurai) I said. […]

Roadtrip to Death Valley

Roadtrip! My rallying cry for the better part of half a century, it was never so welcome as this past Monday when we completed our vaccinations and the National Parks started opening their sites. The Coronavirus had kept us home for almost a year. The world was just shutting down as we headed home from Alaska’s dog sleds and Northern Lights eleven long […]

Rockabilly Roadtrip

Nashville is a renewed city with a contemporary skyline. We stayed downtown, a few blocks from the Cumberland River which brought the first country fiddlers—supposedly including one Davy Crockett—to this growing, middle-Tennessee town almost 150 years ago.

Puerto Vallarta’s Art: Sophisticated, Spiritual and Playful

Mosaic from locals & travelers

We came to Puerto Vallarta to relax, and relax we did. A couple of lazy days dipping feet into the gentle waves of the Bay of Banderas, soaking up the warm afternoon sun at our beachfront resort, and wondering at a star filled sky after a late night garden stroll soothed our tattered nerves.