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Spring 2015

Guam-Tumon Bay (aerial)
Pacific Rim

Guam Glories in Welcoming Visitors

  uam offers an exciting, warm, vibrant island paradise experience, with great scuba diving and snorkeling, golf, beach-combing, wonderful shopping with better prices (especially with its duty free status and local markets) and spectacular sight-seeing and landmarks. It’s exotic in its own way, yet American.   It’s “where America’s day begins!” as they say. Morning begins…

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Kitsuki .Tourists strolling along  Suya no saka in kimonos
Pacific Rim

Oita Encounters

  enturing outside of the usual tourist trail (Tokyo,Osaka or Kyoto) can prove to be vastly rewarding in Japan, for the inquisitive traveler. A simple visit, for instance to Oita prefecture on the island of Kyushu reveals lesser known little wonders. In Oita city, a stop at the newly built art museum (OPAM) is a…

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Mendenhall Glacier
Pacific Rim

Dog Sledding on an Alaskan Glacier

laciers and dog sledding, what can be more descriptive of Alaska? OK, perhaps igloos, but I didn’t see any of those.     Exhilarating, breathtaking, immense, all words, describing our recent participation in a true Alaskan experience-- dog sledding on the Mendenhall Glacier.  Temsco Helicopters, Inc. operates this awesome Alaskan adventure in conjunction with the oldest…

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